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1 someone who tries to bring peace [syn: conciliator, make-peace, pacifier, reconciler]
2 a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute; used by United States troops in World War II and the Korean War [syn: Browning machine gun]

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  1. A person who restores peace, especially by settling disputes.

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Peacemaker (plural Peacemakers)
  1. An early type of American revolver, particularly the Colt 1873 Single Action Army model.

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A peacemaker is a person or organization that attempts to reconcile parties involved in a dispute.
"Peacemaker" or "The Peacemaker" (in various forms) may also refer to:

Individuals and Groups

  • UN Peacemaker, project of the UN to support international peacemakers and mediators
  • Peacemakers, an American pacifist organization
  • The Great Peacemaker, the traditional founder of the Haudenosaunee confederacy
  • Edward VII, King of England from 22 January 1901 until 6 May 1910

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adjudicator, alleviative, alleviator, anodyne, appeaser, arbitrator, assuager, balm, calmative, conchie, conciliator, conscientious objector, cushion, diplomat, dolorifuge, dove, family counselor, go-between, interceder, intermediary, intermediator, lenitive, make-peace, marriage counselor, mediator, mitigator, moderator, modulator, mollifier, negotiator, pacificator, pacificist, pacifier, pacifist, palliative, peace lover, peacekeeper, peacemonger, peacenik, placater, propitiator, reconciler, referee, restraining hand, salve, sedative, shock absorber, smoother-over, soother, soothing syrup, stabilizer, temperer, tranquilizer, umpire, wiser head
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